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Annetta Willemse

For years now, Willemse’s work is about her relation with nature. Her work has evolved steadily and cautiously. First we saw the delicate flowers on a white background. Along flower pieces, inspired by Japanese flower arrangements, it went on in portraying walks in constellations of up to 21 small paintings in which the viewing direction and zoom in and out was the central notion. In the recent ‘nature scapes’ there is more and more room for playful painting.

The recent works are more and more made on paper in stead of canvas; it still has presence because of the grand sizes. Color and simplicity, sometimes touching the style of comicbooks, are dominant.

For information about the work, expositions or inquiries about buying, please write a mail: Work of Annetta Willemse is found in collections of KPMG, Honeywell, Maria Chailloux and others.