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2022 | Spaarne Ziekenhuis | Hoofddorp

Paintings at the hospital

24 works are exhibited in the hospital, most of them from the series Tools and Space
Does art improve the time spent in corridors and waiting rooms?
Foto 1 © Hermance van Dijk Fotografie

Annetta Willemse Paintings at the hospital

Annetta Willemse Paintings at the hospital

2022 | Kunstcentrum de Kolk | Spaarndam


With Judith Lehthaus and Norbert Wille
11 works from the series Tools and Space

Annetta Willemse Kunstcentrum de Kolk

2020 | Arti et Amicitiae Salon | Amsterdam

Salon leden tentoonstelling
titel: #31 working together with #27
jaartal: 2020
afmeting: 59 x 89 cm (twee luik)
2e foto © Maarten Nauw

Annetta Willemse A

Annetta Willemse Arti_Amicitiae_Salon

2017 | What I see is very real | Heemstede

Solo expositie Gemeentehuis Heemstede

Annetta Willemse Zaalmuur 2
Annetta Willemse Zaalmuur 3
Annetta Willemse Zaalmuur 4

2016 | Een wandeling | Diemen

Solo expostie Gemeentehuis Diemen

Annetta Willemse Zaal 1
Annetta Willemse Zaal 2